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As a whole, Hispanics are disproportionately concentrated in the lowest-opportunity neighborhoods in U.S. metro areas. However, reflecting this ethnic group's diversity, there is great variation by national origin in their distribution across different levels of neighborhood opportunity. Explore Hispanic diversity in terms of access to neighborhoods of opportunity for two dozen Hispanic-origin subgroups across the 100 largest metro areas with new indicators and visualizations by
We are witnessing a nationwide return of concentrated poverty that is racial in nature. This report finds that high-poverty ghettos and barrios are the inevitable and predictable consequences of deliberate policy choices.
Twice spurned by voters asked to approve building expansions, the Freehold Borough district — separate from neighboring Freehold Township — has reached a tipping point at nearly 500 students over capacity across its three schools. In a move supported by scores of parents who say they can't vote because they're not U.S. citizens, the borough's board of education is asking the state education commissioner to make the rare decision to overrule a local referendum and give the district permission to secure a nearly $33 million bond for expansion.
President Obama last week sought to turn attention from health care to immigration — in other words, from one racially divisive issue to another.