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TSP Report Release: "A Critical Review of the Psychological Literature"

It is with great pride that the Rutgers Center on Law, Inequality and Metropolitan Equity (CLiME) announces the release of our literature review for the Trauma, Schools and Poverty Project (TSP).


"This report provides a critical and comprehensive review of the empirical literature on the sequelae of childhood exposure to potentially traumatic events (PTEs), with special emphasis on low socioeconomic status (SES) populations at disparate risk for exposure to PTEs across the lifespan. First, I will outline the categories and characteristics of childhood PTEs. Second, I will synthesize research on the proximal and distal consequences of childhood PTE exposure. Third, I will identify significant mediators (i.e., how or why PTE-related outcomes occur) and moderators (i.e., when or for whom PTE-related outcomes hold) of children’s responses to trauma. Finally, I will provide recommendations for building resilience in children and their social environments. Keywords: children, potentially traumatic."

This report is authored by CLiME Psychology Researcher Alexandra Margevich, and is essential for our TSP work, a multi-year effort to understand the relationships between structural inequality and the pervasive experience of complex psychological stress and trauma.