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Gated communities across the country may help stabilize middle-class outcomes...
...but also contribute to an affordability burden in the nation's inner-ring suburbs.
This map of affordable housing transfers in New Jersey shows a geography of opportunity.
The Rutgers University School of Law in Newark, NJ

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First Annual Scholarship Conference featuring David Rusk and David D. Troutt. Nationally recognized metropolitan scholar and former Albuquerque Mayor David Rusk will present his article, Measuring Regional Equity, followed by a moderated discussion with the distinguished audience of elected officials, scholars, activists, representatives of non-profits and the public. CLiME director and Rutgers Law Professor David D. Troutt will also give a talk on the structure of place-based inequality, including a reading from his new book, The Price of Paradise: The Costs of Inequality and a Vision for a More Equitable America. Prof. Troutt will discuss and field questions about: • The assumptions that created and threaten the American Dream • The importance of inclusiveness or mixed-income living arrangements • Problems with the “culture of poverty” thesis • Why Martin Luther King was right

Faced with a growing crisis of homeowner residents whose properties are “underwater” or already in foreclosure, many cities around the United States have explored the possibility of expediting mortgage principal write-downs through the extraordinary exercise of eminent domain.

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People don’t tend to think of their lives within structures, but rather as days, relationships and places.

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Enabling children to rise out of poverty is a primary goal of policies such as the Earn

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It is the constitutional duty for every municipality in the state of NJ to provide a fa

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