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The presidential election that was too vulgar for us to write about, with accusations too inarticulate to describe policies, and an intimidating atmosphere of racist, nativist and sexist extremism inflaming every imaginable social division, finally received the emotional outcome it created. Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in a historic upset destined to be known as the ultimate political demand for change. For those dedicated to working against structural inequality, this may be the transformative change we never imagined.
This past September, CLiME began this series on housing issues in Newark by reporting on a demonstration at City Hall, part of the National Tenants Day of Action. I met many organizers and tenants from the Terrell Homes, who have been fighting to preserve the residences of over 200 families in this public housing development located in Newark’s Ironbound neighborhood. Terrell first made headlines in 2014 as the tenants fought against talks of demolition. Now the Newark Housing Authority has reinvigorated these talks—and fights—with their 2017 Agency Plan which includes a simple one-line proposal: "The NHA intends to apply for Demolition of Terrell Homes in conjunction with a potential riverside development by the City of Newark.”

From the Director

Either New Jersey’s poor have greater access to the resources available in more affluent parts of the state, or the places where New Jersey’s poor live must receive more resources from the areas that have benefited from excluding them.

Guest Analysis

The wealth discrepancy between blacks and whites is one of the most stark examples of inequality in America. If national median numbers weren’t bad enough, things look much worse in America’s cities, according to a new paper from the Urban Institute.

Issues in Equity

While it is commonly understood that the Great Recession ended on June 2009, the total number of consumers having their foreclosure or negative public records still on their credit report actually peaked in 2015. This paper examines the lasting impact of these negative records on consumer spending and economic recovery.

Noteworthy Initiatives

The Providers Advancing Student Outcomes, or PASO, run by the Colorado Statewide Parent Coalition has received national notice and represents one of the few initiatives targeted to Spanish-speaking early childcare providers, many of whom are undocumented and are not eligible to otherwise receive licensing.
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