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On May 5th, CLiME hosted a national conference on Trauma, Schools and Poverty. A full archive of the conference, including Dr. Margevich's write up and panel contents can be viewed here:

CLiME has developed a blog,, which features original writing, research and commentary from CLiME affiliates. The blog, along with this institutional site, serve as digital portals for public scholarship on structural inequality, and innovative approaches to tackling inequality, in an effort for us all end-in-equality.

From the Director

Cities may sue banks for injuries to their tax base caused by unlawful conduct against homeowners, according to the Supreme Court in a May 1st deci

Guest Analysis

Reduced public funding forces municipal courts to focus on revenue generating fines, resulting in the uneven application o

Issues in Equity

The number of children living in poverty in Essex County has increased over the past 15 years, with 1 in 3 children now living in poverty. The number of children in highly concentrated poverty has increased, and is spreading from the City of Newark to its inner ring suburbs.

Noteworthy Initiatives

Jeena Shah is a Visiting Assistant Clinical Professor of Law in Rutgers Law School’s Constitutional Rights and International Human Rights Clinics. She recently spoke with CLiME staff member Tara Marlowe to discuss her approach to community lawyering.
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