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Join us February 12, 2015 for this event co-sponsored by Seton Hall Law School's Black Law Students Association
The Rutgers University School of Law in Newark, NJ
This map of affordable housing transfers in New Jersey shows a geography of opportunity.
...but also contribute to an affordability burden in the nation's inner-ring suburbs.
Gated communities across the country may help stabilize middle-class outcomes...
2015 marks the second full year of operations for the Center on Law in Metropolitan Equity, and we are busy expanding the discourse on structural—often place-based—inequality in the Greater Rutgers University Newark region and across metropolitan America. Thanks to the support of Chancellor Nancy Cantor and Provost Todd Clear and a growing partnership with the Graduate School under Dean Kyle Farmbry’s stewardship, CLiME has been able to embark on a broad array of exciting (and challenging) new activities that demonstrate our mission to connect law with other disciplines in order to produce research and policy perspectives on some of the most confounding equity issues of our time. While we continue to publish the work of our own students, we now look forward to publishing the work of emerging and established scholars from across Rutgers University.

Faced with a growing crisis of homeowner residents whose properties are “underwater” or already in foreclosure, many cities around the United States have explored the possibility of expediting mortgage principal write-downs through the extraordinary exercise of eminent domain.

Guest Analysis

The Rutgers Law School Center on Law in Metropolitan Equity is privileged to publish as

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